It is ok to not be ok

Something that affects us so negatively is striving for perfectionism.

We want to glide through life with no obstacles and if we make a mistake we judge ourselves and ridicule our actions.

The truth is we should be kinder to ourselves.

I spent along time seeking for a perfect life.

I wanted it all.

All this does is set us up for failure and disappointment.

If we simply became willing to let go of expectation then we would find our inner peace and rid our lives of inner conflict.

When a curve ball happens in our lives, something we perceive as “bad”, we are so quick to resist rather than accept.

We must stop pushing against the current and instead embrace whatever is sent our way.

There is a lesson in everything we go through in life.

It is the obstacles and challenges we face that make us who we are, it’s in these times that we find our strength and courage.

Look I know your thinking “yeah easier said than done” I get it!

Some days my inner critic has way to much to say and tricks me.

I can slip out of alignment and automatically feeling like a hypocrit  because yeah I am not perfect.

I then have to remind myself it is not through perfectionism we can teach.

It is from the not so perfect parts of us that gives us a deeper understanding to truly make make a difference.

On my journey to healing inside and out, it has been the most rewarding experience of my life however it has also been the hardest.

I have laughed and I have cried, but when I started this journey I vowed to myself whatever I needed to face I would and I would no longer run.

Some days you may feel down or angry.

That is ok.

Show gratitude for this opportunity to witness it and let it go.

it’s our bodies natural way of releasing what no longer serves us but so often we punish ourselves for feeling this way.

I often thought throughout my life I was strong because I didn’t cry.

I thought I was strong because I just pushed through every challenge in my life.

I realize now I was weak when I choose to hide from it.

But that is ok.

I did not know any different.

Instead of critising ourselves we must replace it with pride.

it is ok, as this is your journey.

Choose to have faith.

Choose to forgive yourself for the times you choose fear and negativity.

Instead choose love.

Stop being your best critic and start being your best friend.

Give yourself a pat on the back today for knowing you do your best and you accept where you are in your life right now, because remember it is ok to be not be ok.

Forgive yourself.

The world needs more love, that takes courage and you are a warrior my dear!

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