| Hayley McD | Life & Spiritual Coach |

Welcome to Earth goddess!

I am glad the universe directed you to my site today.

My name is Hayley McDonnell and I am healing myself from Chronic illness utilizing the Medical Medium protocol.

Where do I even begin?

Have you ever had really difficult times in your life? Times that you were almost certain that they would break you as a person.

It all began for me as a young child, I did not have the easiest of childhoods and this certainly was a huge contribution to the struggles as I became a young adult.

I decided to suppress all my emotions and that it was easier to deal with the pain if I pretended it was not there.

And eventually I succeeded.

I became numb.

Then my health started failing as young as the age of twelve.

This was just another reason for me to continue victimizing myself.

I blamed the world for all of my suffering and as far as I was concerned life was just a burden.

I went through life blind to the awareness that I was addicted to my own suffering.

Until one day I reached a point I could not tolerate anymore.

All the pain I had suppressed over the years I now felt in every inch of my body.

Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, spine misalignment, numbness, tingling, digestive issues, muscle pain and weakness, migraines, acid reflux, IBS, deficiency’s, low blood pressure, palpitations, torn ligaments, abnormal cells, kidney infections, post natal drip, bronchitis, brain fog, chest tightening, costocondritis, endometriosis and so much more.

My body had hit rock bottom and so had I.

It was these darkest of days that led me to my spiritual awakening.

I learnt through these difficulties that I had two choices.

I could let it control me or take back control of my life.

So I decided enough is enough and I decided to turn my pain into power.

Once I made this decision and I fully surrendered.

The universe opened all the doors for me and I was shown the way.